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A namespace for working with vector graphics.

Functions Overview

normalizeFill()Normalizes stroke params. Look at params for details.
normalizeHatchFill()Normalize hatch fill.
normalizeStroke()Normalizes stroke params. Look at params for details.

Classes Overview Class. Inherited from Ellipse. representing independent clip, that can be applied to any element. class for all vector elements, such as groups and primitives. Class. is a special pattern fill with predefined set of a primitives. Sets of a primitives does numbered and primitive. class. Used to group elements. gradient. class. fill class. gradient. class class for all vector elements. class provide tools for cross-browser display with the single interface for both (SVG and VML). class.

Functions Description


Normalizes stroke params. Look at params for details.


NameTypeDescription | !Array.<(|string)> | nullFill settings or Color or Gradient keys.
opacityOrAngleOrCxnumberOpacity or Angle or x-coord of center.
modeOrCynumber | boolean | | ObjectMode settings or y-coord of center.
opacityOrModenumber | | Object | nullOpacity settings or Mode settings.
opacitynumberOpacity settings.
fxnumberFocal x-coord settings.
fynumberFocal y-coord settings.


Normalize hatch fill.


NameTypeDescription | | | string | Object | nullPattern fill or type of the hatch fill.
thicknessstring | numberLine thickness. Defaults to 1.
sizestring | numberSize.


Normalizes stroke params. Look at params for details.


NameTypeDescription | | string | nullStroke fill, if used as setter.
thicknessnumberLine thickness. Defaults to 1.
dashpatternstringControls the pattern of dashes and gaps used to stroke paths. Dash array contains a list of comma and/or white space separated lengths and percentages that specify the lengths of alternating dashes and gaps. If an odd number of values is provided, then the list of values is repeated to yield an even number of values. Thus, stroke dashpattern: 5,3,2 is equivalent to dashpattern: 5,3,2,5,3,2.
lineJoinstring | join style.
lineCapstring | cap style.