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Namespace anychart.core.utils.

Classes Overview

anychart.core.utils.A11yAnychart accessibility class.
anychart.core.utils.BoundsStores information about visual location of an object.
anychart.core.utils.ChartA11yAnychart chart accessibility class.
anychart.core.utils.CrossingSettings class for crossing.
anychart.core.utils.ErrorClass representing series error.
anychart.core.utils.InteractivityClass is settings for interactivity (like hover, select).
anychart.core.utils.LegendItemSettingsHelper class for maintaining legend item settings for series legend icon
anychart.core.utils.MapInteractivityClass is settings for interactivity (like hover, select).
anychart.core.utils.MarginStores margins values. Can accept numbers and strings.
anychart.core.utils.OrdinalZoomZoom settings aggregate.
anychart.core.utils.PaddingStores padding values. Can accept numbers and strings.
anychart.core.utils.QuarterQuarter settings representation class.
anychart.core.utils.QuarterSettingsQuarter settings class.
anychart.core.utils.SeriesA11yAnychart series accessibility class.
anychart.core.utils.StockInteractivityClass is settings for interactivity (like hover, select).
anychart.core.utils.UnboundRegionsSettingsClass for using in maps. Class is settings for regions that isn't linked to any series.