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The anychart.core namespace contains fundamental classes and base classes.

Typedefs Overview

anychart.core.MouseEventType definition for mouse event.

Classes Overview

anychart.core.BaseClass implements all the work with consistency states.
anychart.core.BubblePointPoint representing bubble points that belongs to cartesian or scatter chart.
anychart.core.ChartBase class for all charts, contains the margins, the background and the title.
anychart.core.ChoroplethPointPoint representing choropleth points that belongs to map.
anychart.core.MapPointSeries-based chart point.
anychart.core.NoDataSettingsClass with settings for "No data" feature.
anychart.core.PiePointPoint representing pie point.
anychart.core.PointClass that wraps point of series/chart.
anychart.core.SeparateChartBase class for all charts, contains the margins, the background and the title.
anychart.core.SeriesBaseBase class for all base series.
anychart.core.SeriesPointPoint representing all points that belongs to series-based chart.
anychart.core.StateSettingsThe StateSettings class contains methods for configuring the states of different charts and their parts.
anychart.core.TextThis class is responsible of the text formatting, it processes the plain text and the text in HTML format.
anychart.core.TreeChartPointClass that wraps point of series or chart.
anychart.core.VisualBaseBase class for all elements.
anychart.core.VisualBaseWithBoundsAn extended base element that understands bounds settings and can handle percent values in it.