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The anychart.charts namespace contains fundamental chart classes and base classes. These classes should not be instantiated directly, use constructors from the anychart class instead. The class descriptions can be used a reference to know what features and elements are available in the certain chart type.

Classes Overview

anychart.charts.BulletBullet chart class.
anychart.charts.CalendarCalendar chart class.
anychart.charts.CartesianCartesian chart class.
anychart.charts.Cartesian3dCartesian 3d chart class. Learn more about 3D Chart
anychart.charts.CirclePackingCircle Packing chart class.
anychart.charts.CircularGaugeCircular gauge class.
anychart.charts.FunnelFunnel chart class.
anychart.charts.GanttGantt chart class.
anychart.charts.GraphGraph chart class.
anychart.charts.HeatMapAnyChart HeatMap class.
anychart.charts.LinearGaugeLinear gauge class.
anychart.charts.MapAnyChart map class.
anychart.charts.MekkoMekko chart class.
anychart.charts.ParetoPareto chart class.
anychart.charts.PertPert chart class.
anychart.charts.PiePie (Donut) chart class.
anychart.charts.PolarPolar chart class.
anychart.charts.PyramidPyramid chart class.
anychart.charts.RadarRadar chart class.
anychart.charts.ResourceResource chart class.
anychart.charts.SankeySankey chart class.
anychart.charts.ScatterScatter chart class.
anychart.charts.SparklineSparkline chart class.
anychart.charts.StockStock chart class.
anychart.charts.SunburstSunburst Class.
anychart.charts.SurfaceSurface chart class. Learn more about Surface Chart
anychart.charts.TagCloudTagCloud chart class.
anychart.charts.TimelineTimeline chart class.
anychart.charts.TreeMapAnyChart TreeMap class.
anychart.charts.VennVenn chart class.
anychart.charts.WaterfallWaterfall chart class. Learn more about Waterfall Chart.
anychart.charts.WordtreeWordtree chart class. Learn more about Word Tree Chart