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{typedef} anychart.core.annotations.AnnotationJSONFormat Improve this Doc

Type definition for annotation JSON format.
allowEditbooleanWhether allow to edit
anchoranychart.enums.Anchor | stringAnnotation anchor color | functionAnnotation fill | functionAnnotation grid | functionAnnotation hatchfill
hoverGapnumberGap in hover mode
hoveredanychart.core.StateSettingsHovered state.
markerTypeanychart.enums.MarkerType | stringMarker type
offsetXnumberOffset by X
offsetYnumberOffset by Y
secondValueAnchornumberSecond value for anchor
secondXAnchornumberSecond X for anchor
selectedanychart.core.StateSettingsSelected state.
sizenumberAnnotation size | functionAnnotation stroke
thirdValueAnchornumberThird value for anchor
thirdXAnchornumberThird X for anchor | functionAnnotation trend
typestring | anychart.enums.AnnotationTypesAnnotation type
valueAnchornumberValue for anchor
xAnchornumberX for anchor