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Namespace anychart.core.ui.

Classes Overview

anychart.core.ui.BackgroundBackground element class.
anychart.core.ui.CalloutCallout class.
anychart.core.ui.ChartScrollerChart scroller class that also exposes position method that is used by chart.
anychart.core.ui.ChartTooltipClass for the chart tooltip.
anychart.core.ui.ColorRangeColor range.
anychart.core.ui.CreditsDefine class Credits.
anychart.core.ui.CrosshairCrosshair class.
anychart.core.ui.CrosshairLabelCrosshairLabel class.
anychart.core.ui.DataGridData grid element.
anychart.core.ui.DataGrid.ColumnData grid column.
anychart.core.ui.LabelLabel element class.
anychart.core.ui.LabelsFactoryClass for creation of sets of similar labels and management of such sets.
anychart.core.ui.LabelsFactory.LabelClass for creation of sets of similar labels and management of such sets.
anychart.core.ui.LegendLegend element.
anychart.core.ui.LegendItemInner class for representing legend item.
anychart.core.ui.MarkersFactoryMultiple markers class.
anychart.core.ui.MarkersFactory.MarkerMarker of the markers factory. Use data to set settings for the custom marker.
anychart.core.ui.PaginatorPaginator base class.
anychart.core.ui.ScrollerScroller ui element
anychart.core.ui.Scroller.ThumbsThumbs settings. Doesn't draw anything, just contains settings and notifies the scroller about their change.
anychart.core.ui.SeparatorClass for a separator element.
anychart.core.ui.SeriesTooltipClass for series tooltip.
anychart.core.ui.TableDeclares table element.
anychart.core.ui.TimelineClass for the gantt timeline.
anychart.core.ui.TitleTitle element class.
anychart.core.ui.TooltipTooltip class.