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[enum] anychart.enums.LegendItemIconTypeImprove this Doc

Predefined icons type.
areaIcon type is area.
barIcon type is bar.
bubbleIcon type is bubble.
candlestickIcon type is candlestick.
circleIcon type is circle.
columnIcon type is column.
lineIcon type is line.
markerIcon type is marker.
ohlcIcon type is OHLC.
rangeAreaIcon type is range area.
rangeBarIcon type is range bar.
rangeColumnIcon type is range column.
rangeSplineAreaIcon type is range spline area.
rangeStepAreaIcon type is range step area.
splineIcon type is spline.
splineAreaIcon type is spline area.
squareIcon type is square.
stepAreaIcon type is step area.
stepLineIcon type is step line.