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{typedef} anychart.core.MouseEvent Improve this Doc

Type definition for mouse event.
altKeybooleanALT key
charCodenumberChar code
clientXnumberClient X
clientYnumberClient Y
ctrlKeybooleanCTRL key
currentTargetanychart.core.VisualBase | | | Node | undefinedCurrent target | | Node | undefinedDOM target
keyCodenumberKey code
metaKeybooleanMeta key
offsetXnumberOffset by X
offsetYnumberOffset by Y
platformModifierKeybooleanPlatform modifier key | | Node | undefinedRelated dom target
relatedTargetanychart.core.VisualBase | | | Node | undefinedRelated target
screenXnumberScreen X
screenYnumberScreen Y
shiftKeybooleanShift key
targetanychart.core.VisualBase | | | Node | undefinedTarget type