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{typedef} anychart.math.trix.Context Improve this Doc

Type definition for the context.
disposefunctionThe function to dispose the context.
firstMaContextanychart.math.ema.Context | anychart.math.sma.ContextContext for the first pass of the Moving Average function.
maCalculatefunctionCalculation function for the Moving Average.
maSignalCalculatefunctionCalculation function for the Moving Average signal value.
maTypeanychart.enums.MovingAverageType | stringIndicator smoothing type.
periodnumberIndicator period.
prevResultnumberPrevious calculation result.
secondMaContextanychart.math.ema.Context | anychart.math.sma.ContextContext for the second pass of the Moving Average function.
signalMaContextanychart.math.ema.Context | anychart.math.sma.ContextContext for the signal pass of the Moving Average function.
signalMaTypeanychart.enums.MovingAverageType | stringSignal smoothing type.
signalPeriodnumberSignal indicator period.
thirdMaContextanychart.math.ema.Context | anychart.math.sma.ContextContext for the third pass of the Moving Average function.