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{typedef} anychart.math.dmi.Context Improve this Doc

Type definition for the context.
Name Type Description
adxAlpha number Constant for ADX smoothing.
adxPeriod number Period for ADX.
adxQueue anychart.math.CycledQueue DX values.
adxValue number Last ADX calculated value.
alpha number Constant for DI smoothing.
closeQueue anychart.math.CycledQueue Close values.
dispose function Dispose function.
highQueue anychart.math.CycledQueue High values.
lowQueue anychart.math.CycledQueue Low values.
ndiSumValue number DI values sum.
ndiValue number Last -DI calculated value.
pdiSumValue number +DI values sum.
pdiValue number Last +DI calculated value.
period number Period.
trSumValue number TR (true range) values sum.
useWildersSmoothing boolean Whether to use wilders smoothing.