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Constants for event names.
clickFires on click on an element.
contextmenuFires on context menu.
dblclickFires on double click on an element.
dragFires on drag.
beforedragFires before drag.
earlycancelFires if drag action was canceled before the START event.
endFires on drag end.
startFires on drag start.
mousedownFires when the mouse is down on an element.
mousemoveFires when mouse is moved on an element.
mouseoutFires when the mouse pointer is out of an element.
mouseoverFires when the mouse pointer is over an element.
mouseupFires when the mouse is up on an element.
tapFires on tap (fast touchstart - touchend).
touchcancelFires when the touch is cancelled. To learn more about working with this event type, see:
touchendFires on touchend.
touchmoveFires on touchmove.
touchstartFires on touchstart.