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{typedef} anychart.core.gantt.TimeLineHeader.Level Improve this Doc

Time line level definition.
Name Type Description
adjustFontSize boolean | Array.<boolean> | Object | undefined Adjust font size
count number | undefined Interval count
disablePointerEvents boolean | undefined DisablePointerEvents option
fill | undefined Level fill
fontColor string | undefined Level font color
fontDecoration string | undefined Level font decoration
fontFamily string | undefined Level font family
fontOpacity number | undefined Level font opacity
fontSize number | undefined Level font size
fontStyle anychart.enums.FontStyle | string | undefined Level font style
fontVariant anychart.enums.FontVariant | string | undefined Level font variant
fontWeight string | number | undefined Level font weight
format function | undefined Text formatter
formats string | Array.<string> | undefined Date formats
hAlign anychart.enums.HAlign | string | undefined Horizontal align
height number | string | undefined Level height
holiday Object.<{fill: (|undefined), padding: (Object|Array.<number>|number|string|null|undefined), minFontSize: (number|undefined), maxFontSize: (number|undefined), adjustFontSize: (boolean|Array.<boolean>|{width:boolean, height:boolean}|undefined), fontSize: (number|undefined), fontFamily: (string|undefined), fontColor: (string|undefined), fontOpacity: (number|undefined), fontDecoration: (string|undefined), fontStyle: (anychart.enums.FontStyle|string|undefined), fontVariant: (anychart.enums.FontVariant|string|undefined), fontWeight: (string|number|undefined), letterSpacing: (number|string|undefined), textDirection: (string|undefined), lineHeight: (number|string|undefined), textIndent: (number|undefined), vAlign: (anychart.enums.VAlign|string|undefined), hAlign: (anychart.enums.HAlign|string|undefined), wordWrap: (string|undefined), wordBreak: (string|undefined), textOverflow: (|string|undefined), selectable: (boolean|undefined), disablePointerEvents: (boolean|undefined), useHtml: (boolean|undefined), format: (function()|undefined)}> Holiday settings,
letterSpacing number | string | undefined Level letter spacing
lineHeight number | string | undefined Level line height
maxFontSize number | undefined Maximum font size
minFontSize number | undefined Minimum font size
padding Object | Array | number | string | null | undefined Level padding
selectable boolean | undefined Whether text can be selected.
textDirection string | undefined Level text direction
textIndent number | undefined Level text indent
textOverflow | string | undefined Text overflow
unit anychart.enums.Interval | string | undefined Interval unit
useHtml boolean | undefined UseHtml flag
vAlign anychart.enums.VAlign | string | undefined Vertical align
wordBreak string | undefined Word break mode
wordWrap string | undefined Word wrap mode