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[enum] anychart.enums.AnnotationTypes Improve this Doc

Annotations type.

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Name Value Description
ANDREWS_PITCHFORK andrewsPitchfork Andrews Pitchfork annotation.
ELLIPSE ellipse Ellipse annotation.
FIBONACCI_ARC fibonacciArc Fibonacci arc annotation.
FIBONACCI_FAN fibonacciFan Fibonacci fan annotation.
FIBONACCI_RETRACEMENT fibonacciRetracement Fibonacci retracement annotation.
FIBONACCI_TIMEZONES fibonacciTimezones Fibonacci timezones annotation.
HORIZONTAL_LINE horizontalLine Horizontal line annotation.
INFINITE_LINE infiniteLine Infinite line annotation.
LINE line Line annotation.
MARKER marker Marker annotation.
RAY ray Ray annotation.
RECTANGLE rectangle Rectangle annotation.
TREND_CHANNEL trendChannel Trend channel annotation.
TRIANGLE triangle Triangle annotation.
VERTICAL_LINE verticalLine Vertical line annotation.