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Defines the type of the cursor.
To view the example, point the cursor at the description of the type.
Name Value Description
CROSSHAIR crosshair Crosshair type
DEFAULT default Default type
EW_RESIZE ew-resize EW-resize type
E_RESIZE e-resize E-resize type
HELP help Help type
MOVE move Move type
NESW_RESIZE nesw-resize NESW-resize type
NE_RESIZE ne-resize NE-resize type
NS_RESIZE ns-resize NS-resize type
NWSE_RESIZE nwse-resize NWSE-resize type
NW_RESIZE nw-resize NW-resize type
N_RESIZE n-resize N-resize type
POINTER pointer Pointer type
SE_RESIZE se-resize SE-resize type
SW_RESIZE sw-resize SW-resize type
S_RESIZE s-resize S-resize type
TEXT text Text type
WAIT wait Wait type
W_RESIZE w-resize W-resize type