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Constants for event names.

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Name Value Description
CLICK click Fires on click on an element.
CONTEXTMENU contextmenu Fires on context menu.
DBLCLICK dblclick Fires on double click on an element.
DRAG drag Fires on drag.
DRAG_BEFORE beforedrag Fires before drag.
DRAG_EARLY_CANCEL earlycancel Fires if drag action was canceled before the START event.
DRAG_END end Fires on drag end.
DRAG_START start Fires on drag start.
MOUSEDOWN mousedown Fires when the mouse is down on an element.
MOUSEMOVE mousemove Fires when mouse is moved on an element.
MOUSEOUT mouseout Fires when the mouse pointer is out of an element.
MOUSEOVER mouseover Fires when the mouse pointer is over an element.
MOUSEUP mouseup Fires when the mouse is up on an element.
TAP tap Fires on tap (fast touchstart - touchend).
TOUCHCANCEL touchcancel Fires when the touch is cancelled. To learn more about working with this event type, see:
TOUCHEND touchend Fires on touchend.
TOUCHMOVE touchmove Fires on touchmove.
TOUCHSTART touchstart Fires on touchstart.