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{typedef} anychart.core.annotations.AnnotationJSONFormat Improve this Doc

Type definition for annotation JSON format.
Name Type Description
allowEdit boolean Whether allow to edit
anchor anychart.enums.Anchor Annotation anchor
color Annotation color
fill | function Annotation fill
grid | function Annotation grid
hatchFill | function Annotation hatchfill
hoverFill | function Fill in hover mode
hoverGap number Gap in hover mode
hoverGrid | function Grid in hover mode
hoverHatchFill | function Hatchfill in hover mode
hoverSize number Annotation hover size
hoverStroke | function Stroke in hover mode
hoverTrend | function Trend in hover mode
markerType anychart.enums.MarkerType Marker type
offsetX number Offset by X
offsetY number Offset by Y
secondValueAnchor number Second value for anchor
secondXAnchor number Second X for anchor
selectFill | function Fill in selected mode
selectGrid | function Grid in selected mode
selectHatchFill | function Hatchfill in selected mode
selectSize number Annotation select size
selectStroke | function Stroke in selected mode
selectTrend | function Trend in selected mode
size number Annotation size
stroke | function Annotation stroke
thirdValueAnchor number Third value for anchor
thirdXAnchor number Third X for anchor
trend | function Annotation trend
valueAnchor number Value for anchor
xAnchor number X for anchor