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{typedef} anychart.core.MouseEvent Improve this Doc

Type definition for mouse event.
Name Type Description
altKey boolean ALT key
button number Button
charCode number Char code
clientX number Client X
clientY number Client Y
ctrlKey boolean CTRL key
currentTarget anychart.core.VisualBase | | | Node | undefined Current target
domTarget | | Node | undefined DOM target
keyCode number Key code
metaKey boolean Meta key
offsetX number Offset by X
offsetY number Offset by Y
platformModifierKey boolean Platform modifier key
relatedDomTarget | | Node | undefined Related dom target
relatedTarget anychart.core.VisualBase | | | Node | undefined Related target
screenX number Screen X
screenY number Screen Y
shiftKey boolean Shift key
target anychart.core.VisualBase | | | Node | undefined Target
type Event type