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{typedef} anychart.core.ui.Legend.LegendItemProvider Improve this Doc

Type definition for legend item provider.

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Name Type Description
disabled boolean | undefined Disable/enable item.
iconEnabled boolean | undefined Enable/Disable icon.
iconFill | null | undefined Fill color
iconHatchFill | | | null | undefined Hatch fill for icon
iconMarkerFill | null | undefined Fill for icon marker.
iconMarkerStroke | null | undefined Stroke for icon marker.
iconMarkerType string | null | undefined Marker of icon
iconStroke | null | undefined Stroke for icon
iconTextSpacing number | null | undefined Text spacing for an icon.
iconType string | null | undefined Type for icon
index number | null | undefined Index of item
meta Object | null | undefined Meta for icon
text string | null | undefined Text for item