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{typedef} anychart.format.DateTimeLocale Improve this Doc

Type definition for date time localization.
Name Type Description
ampms Array.<string> AM/PM time
dateFormats Array.<string> Date formats
dateTimeFormats Array.<string> Date time formats
eras Array.<string> Eras value.
erasNames Array.<string> Eras names
firstDayOfWeek number First day of week
firstWeekCutOfDay number First week cut of day
months Array.<string> Months
narrowMonths Array.<string> Narrow months
narrowWeekdays Array.<string> Narrow weekdays
quarters Array.<string> Quarters
shortMonths Array.<string> Short months
shortQuarters Array.<string> Short quarters
shortWeekdays Array.<string> Short weekdays
standaloneMonths Array.<string> Standalone months
standaloneNarrowMonths Array.<string> Standalone narrow months
standaloneNarrowWeekdays Array.<string> Standalone narrow weekdays
standaloneShortMonths Array.<string> Standalone short months
standaloneShortWeekdays Array.<string> Standalone short weekdays
standaloneWeekdays Array.<string> Standalone weekdays
timeFormats Array.<string> Time formats
weekdays Array.<string> Weekdays
weekendRange Array.<number> Weekend range