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[enum] anychart.enums.Cursor Improve this Doc

Cursor enum. Defines 19 items.

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Name Value Description
CROSSHAIR crosshair Crosshair type
DEFAULT default Default type
EW_RESIZE ew-resize EW-resize type
E_RESIZE e-resize E-resize type
HELP help Help type
MOVE move Move type
NESW_RESIZE nesw-resize NESW-resize type
NE_RESIZE ne-resize NE-resize type
NS_RESIZE ns-resize NS-resize type
NWSE_RESIZE nwse-resize NWSE-resize type
NW_RESIZE nw-resize NW-resize type
N_RESIZE n-resize N-resize type
POINTER pointer Pointer type
SE_RESIZE se-resize SE-resize type
SW_RESIZE sw-resize SW-resize type
S_RESIZE s-resize S-resize type
TEXT text Text type
WAIT wait Wait type
W_RESIZE w-resize W-resize type