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Error codes.
Name Value Description
CONTAINER_SHOULD_BE_DEFINED 2 Container to render stage should be defined.
DIRTY_AFTER_SYNC_RENDER 6 Synchronous rendering didn't clean up all dirty states.
EMPTY_PATH 9 Path must start with moveTo command.
ERROR_IS_NOT_FOUND 0 Can't find an error message that corresponds to specified error code.
FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_VML 15 Feature not supported in VML.
INVALID_NUMBER_OF_PARAMETERS 14 Invalid number of parameters.
OPERATION_ON_DISPOSED 5 Trying to perform operation with the disposed element.
PARAMETER_IS_NULL_OR_UNDEFINED 13 Required parameter is null or undefined.
PARAMETER_TYPE_MISMATCH 12 Parameter type mismatch.
PARENT_UNABLE_TO_BE_SET 4 Unable to set parent component.
REQUIRED_PARAMETER_MISSING 11 Missing required parameter.
STAGE_MISMATCH 7 Can't add an element constructed by another Stage.
STAGE_SHOULD_HAVE_DOM_ELEMENT 3 Stage should have dom element.
STAGE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED 1 Requested stage type not supported.
UNIMPLEMENTED_METHOD 10 Method must be implemented.
WRONG_SWAPPING 8 Wrong arguments passed to swapChildren.